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As a choreographer with interest in tap dance, my intention is to create sounds for the eyes. I search for movements that create musicality, as well as sounds that create physicality. This interchangeable relationship between music and dance inspires who I am as a dance maker. The development of musical concepts and movement ideas happen at the same time for me and are equally important.


I challenge myself to develop rhythm while exploring the space and shapes. My creative process is a puzzle where each movement has its own place, own shape, and own time to be developed. Perhaps, choreographing is more thinking than moving to me. I have the necessity to set tasks and goals in order to develop a particular movement vocabulary that will support my choreographic idea. The way I manipulate and play with specific tasks helps me to discover what I want with my creations: what quality of movement, what approach to space, what relationship between movement-sound.

Through pauses, repetition, and specific tasks, I play with the movements until I can identify and set a choreographic logic. Consequently, I identify the choreographic concept for each piece and begin to establish my aesthetic as a dance maker.

Movements that create musicality

Sounds that create physicality

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