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My teaching philosophy is based on building connections with our own body and others; with sensations, space, rhythms, and textures; with weight and groundedness. This development of relationships is explored through guided improvisation, dynamic movement vocabulary, and creative tasks. These studies promote both specificity and heterogeneity body experiences.

As a dance educator, my goal is to introduce students to a strong sense of self-awareness, confidence, and personal connection with their surroundings that result in an expansion of student’s movement capacities. I encourage my students to carry a sense of embodiment into the world: what they sense; how they explore the space, the support of the floor, and their particular dance vocabularies. By doing so, I wish for my students to become problem solvers and critical thinkers who are able to analyze concepts of dance, and find the correlations with their everyday lives.

It is important to create an atmosphere where students can feel comfortable enough to take risks as they explore their bodies through movement and other dance elements such as space, time, and energy. It is also essential to create experiences where students are always learning from each other and sharing their personal embodiment. 


I invite students to play and investigate their personal movement experiences throughout dance practices that focus on bones alignment, pelvic awareness, release and suspension, connection with the floor, consciousness of different textures, and relationship between movement and sound.

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